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Coaching Culture - Can we? Should we?

Feb 03, 2016


Research proves that developing an effective coaching culture has clear benefits. Coaching can help to accelerate talent development and realise hidden talent, leading to higher and sustained levels of performance.

A strategically aligned coaching culture, embedded within the organisation helps to develop good coaching habits, which then become the norm.

Factors that could be taken into consideration, when beginning to create a coaching culture, include:-

  • Strategy should confirm the positioning of the coaching, the commitment of resources, and the development and purpose of internal coaches. A clear definition, with objectives for coaching is vital in order to be accepted at Board level and positively received across the organisation.
  • The pairing and matching of the coaches to coachees is essential in the early stage development of a coaching culture. Compatibility and consideration of learning styles and preferences, to maximise quick rapport building is required.
  • Structured supervision to validate ethical coaching practice is critical.
  • Evaluation of the outcomes of the coaching strategy should take place, aligned to the business objectives.

Developing and effectively embedding a coaching culture takes time and commitment. However, the organisational and individual benefits will be evident.

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